About Karni Syed

Lifelong Experience, Personal Connection, Knowledgeable Advocacy

Deathwives certificate


To my lived experience, I have added traditional education and practical learning. I obtained a Certificate of Completion for 33 hours of Contemplative Study in full Spectrum Death Care in November of 2023. My coursework included:

Death Doula Best Practices

Before, during & after death

Case Studies

Studying true cases

Behind the Scenes

Understanding the current American Funeral Industry

Burial Options

Post Mortem Body Care

Natural care

How to Work with Families

Law, Permits & Forms

Business Basics

Throughout all this training I have remained passionate about providing care in the same manner I observed my grandparents doing so all those years ago — with an open heart and a kind hand.
I have also fostered the empathic connections that so often typify my interactions with others.
I believe we must approach our end of life in the same way we approach living, with presence, compassion and grace.